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What to do when you’ve been hit by a tornado

Thursday 16th May 6:30pm at Chroma Recruitment

Tornadoes are incredibly violent, destructive forces of nature. They are rapid, rotating columns of air that form in a thunderstorm, typically a supercell. What happens when your home is hit by that terrifying vortex of wind? Over the 2023 Christmas period, that’s what happened to me. As I started to work towards fixing my home and returning to normality, I realised that all I was doing was solving a problem, not unlike any other scary problem we face as developers. Through sharing my story I hope to convey a perspective that we can all use when we’re faced with stressful and seemingly complex software problems where success may seem far away and consequences immediately close.


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This time, the lovely folks at Chroma Recruitment are hosting us in their offices on Booth Street. All the venue and registration details are below.

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Chroma Recruitment 2nd Floor, 31 Booth St, Manchester, M2 4AF.

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