North West Ruby User Group

Making Music with Ruby

Thursday 19th February 7:00pm at Federation House

Alex is going to teach us how to use a Ruby DSL to make music! If you want to join in, bring your laptops.

Tell me more!

Live coding is a type of music performance and composition that most people probably don’t even know exists. Long a niche activity, the Sonic Pi editor and language aim to leverage it to teach music composition using programming (and vice versa), using a powerful Ruby DSL – thus making the project of particular interest to Rubyists.

In this interactive session, we’ll have a quick run-down of the syntax and fundamentals, and then make some music using it! To get involved, you’ll need a mac, windows or linux machine and the sonic pi editor, available for free at here

Participating isn’t compulsory, but you’ll get the most out of the session if you bring along a laptop with ruby installed & sonic pi editor. Try and make sure you’re fully charged as we cannot guarantee access to plug sockets.

The speaker

Alex is a Ruby/Clojure dev for Swirrl and a gear-obsessed guitarist. After some fun experiments with ChucK and the Overtone Clojure library, he’s now a convert to Sonic Pi as the most intuitive live-coding environment yet.

The schedule

  • 7:00pm :: Meet at Federation House
  • 7:15pm :: Using a Ruby DSL to make music
  • After :: Go to the pub for great chat and good times

The location

Federation House Federation Street, Manchester, M4 2AH.

About NWRUG events

Our events are free and open to anyone with an interest in Ruby, regardless of experience level. There is no need to register, just show up on the day! We want to keep NWRUG as welcoming and inclusive as possible so we ask that all attendies follow our Code of conduct. If you have any questions, get in touch.