North West Ruby User Group

Flaky Tests and You

Thursday 16th August 7:00pm at Plant NOMA

Hey everyone! We have a great talk lined up for next week by Rob Paskin about the dreaded flaky test. If you've been pulling your hair out trying to solve some recently then you might want to join us at NOMA for this one.

About the talk

Flaky tests are the bane of every developer. They kill your velocity and sow distrust in your test suite. In this talk we'll look at common causes of flaky tests, how to fix them, and how to avoid writing them in the future.

About the speaker

Rob Paskin is a developer at Createk, where he has been on a crusade to rid (very) large and (very) legacy apps of their flaky tests, as well as trying (very) hard to not put new ones in.

The location

Plant NOMA The Redfern Building, Dantzic Street, Manchester, M4 4AH.

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