North West Ruby User Group

Nils - what are your Options?

Thursday 16th May 6:00pm at The Manchester Digital Laboratory (MadLab)

Tony Hoare, inventor of the null reference, calls it his “billion dollar mistake”. Although Ruby goes some way to correcting it by making nil at least be a class with some reasonably helpful stuff on it, you’ll no doubt have been hit by a NoMethodError: undefined method 'foo' just as many times as me.

At May’s NWRUG, Russell Dunphy will try to convince you of two thing:

  1. There are not one, but two types of nil
  2. They are not a necessary evil - we can do something about them.

Sponsored by On The Beach

The speaker

Russell Dunphy is a developer at On The Beach who loves a Haiku standup. He tweets at @rsslldnphy, codes at http://github.com/rsslldnphy and blogs at http://rsslldnphy.tumblr.com/

The schedule

  • 6:00pm :: Ruby/Rails Advice Drop-in Session - All levels welcome.
  • 7:00pm :: Nils - what are your Options?
  • 7:30pm :: Q&A
  • After     :: Post-talk drinks and discussion in Terrace sponsored by On The Beach.

The location

The Manchester Digital Laboratory (MadLab) 36-40 Edge Street, Manchester, M4 1HN.

About NWRUG events

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