North West Ruby User Group

The Circuit Breaker Pattern

Sunday 16th November 7:00pm at Federation House

One constant in life is that shit goes wrong. When there’s an electrical surge in your house, every appliance doesn’t blow up because of a variety of fail safes, most commonly, fuses and circuit breakers.

In software systems, the Circuit Breaker pattern helps to keep misbehaving systems/resources from bringing down the entire estate. Restoring everything to normal once the offending resource starts behaving again.

The Circuit Breaker is a simple pattern that helps us to build robust, self healing systems that don’t require manual intervention to keep running. So sleep tight.

This month, Ash Moran and Mark Kirschstein will lead a practical hands-on session into the circuit breaker pattern.

Participating isn’t compulsory, but you’ll get the most out of the session if you bring along a laptop with ruby installed. Try and make sure you’re fully charged as we cannot guarantee access to plug sockets.

The speakers

Ash is a software developer of 10 years. He likes making things that don’t fall on their arse at the first sign of trouble, so he was enthusiastic about working with Mark to bring the Circuit Breaker pattern to Ruby.

Mark is a Manchester-based developer who helps organise XP Manchester

The schedule

  • 7:00pm :: Meet at Federation House
  • 7:15pm :: Circuit breaker pattern session begins

The location

Federation House Federation Street, Manchester, M4 2AH.

About NWRUG events

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