North West Ruby User Group

Improve your Ruby Code with Dependency Injection

Thursday 17th October 7:00pm at The Manchester Digital Laboratory (MadLab)

Most of us have heard the vague, hand waving spiel about why DI is important for writing flexible, reusable code. A little harder to come by are examples of how one actually goes about doing it in a (cost) effective manner.

Rather than a dry introduction to Dependency Injection, this talk will be packed full of code examples demonstrating practical techniques you can start using straight away; no gems, meta-programming or magic required. We’ll also explore how you might persuade your Rails app to benefit from DI.

Expect a lively discussion on the merits (and demerits) of dependency injection in Ruby.

This month’s NWRUG is proudly sponsored by Melbourne Server Hosting.

The speaker

Stephen Best is a London-based start-up/XP/Ruby person who likes to bikeshed about object design.

The schedule

  • 7:00pm :: Talk: Improve your Ruby Code with Dependency Injection
  • 7:30pm :: Q&A
  • After     :: Post-talk drinks and discussion in Terrace, sponsored by Melbourne Server Hosting.

The location

The Manchester Digital Laboratory (MadLab) 36-40 Edge Street, Manchester, M4 1HN.

About NWRUG events

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