North West Ruby User Group

Automate Your Home with Ruby & Kafka + Cookpad

Thursday 18th October 6:30pm at Plant NOMA

This month we have a talk double-header, with sponsorship from Cookpad.

Automate Your Home with Ruby

In this talk Karl will be sharing his insights and learnings from implementing the HomeKit Accessory Protocol to create a HomeKit accessory in Ruby. HomeKit is a set of protocols and libraries to access devices for home automation. The talk explores some limitations of Rack, decoding binary data with Ruby and an overview of the HomeKit Accessory Protocol. Karl will also live demo a couple of different accessories.

Kafka + Cookpad

For the past 4 months Lewis has been busy working on integrating Cookpad with Kafka. Lewis will be sharing some of his insights, tip and tricks in a short presentation, to help you integrate Kafka with a Ruby on Rails application.


Karl Entwistle has been a keen Rubyist for over a decade. Currently he’s renovating a house with his wife. He is a burrito enthusiast who also enjoys pizza and model trains.

Lewis Buckley has been writing software professionally for the past 7 years, recently joining Cookpad as a Senior Ruby engineer. He is co-organiser of South West Ruby and his current work involves using Ruby with Redis and Kafka to build the Cookpad news feed. When he’s not coding you’ll find him in the kitchen, cooking or occasionally making cocktails.


This month's NWRUG is sponsored by the good folks at Cookpad, which means we'll have some food and refreshments on the night..

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The location

Plant NOMA The Redfern Building, Dantzic Street, Manchester, M4 4AH.

About NWRUG events

Our events are free and open to anyone with an interest in Ruby, regardless of experience level. There is no need to register, just show up on the day! We want to keep NWRUG as welcoming and inclusive as possible so we ask that all attendies follow our Code of conduct. If you have any questions, get in touch.