North West Ruby User Group

RubyConf 2023 - Re-interpreting Data by Murray Steele

Thursday 20th June 6:30pm at Chroma Recruitment

A talk about turning data into other data. Not particularly useful data, but imagine if you could listen to a jpeg, or see what an executable file looked like, or turn a zip file into an orchestral score?

Some time ago I stumbled across the header description for WAV files and wondered: what if I took a file and calculated the appropriate WAV file header for it, could I hear my data? Turns out, yes, you can. You probably don’t want to, but you can! In this talk we’ll explore how it works for WAV files, BMP files and MIDI files. Along the way we’ll learn a lot about using ruby to manipulate raw bytes and bits of data, but also we’ll hear a README file, view an executable, and listen to the ruby interpreter itself!


When the talk ends, we'll decamp to a local pub for food, drinks and chats with your fellow attendees.

Of course, this is the socialising part and seems more informal. Please remember that it is part of the meeting and covered by our code of conduct.

Venue & Registration

This time, the lovely folks at Chroma Recruitment are hosting us in their offices on Booth Street. All the venue and registration details are below.

Secure your place

To guarantee entry, you need to register via TicketTailor.

The location

Chroma Recruitment 2nd Floor, 31 Booth St, Manchester, M2 4AF.

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