19th April – The Lightning Round / Sponsored by On The Beach

This month we have two lightning talks lined up. The first from Matt House entitled “Acceptance Testing with Spinach – And Why It Sucks!”, and from Tom Clements, a talk all about Goliath.

After the talks we will have our regular drinking and discussion sessions, so come to learn about new things, and for talk of Ruby, Rails and other interesting topics.

Whats Happening?

We have a couple of lightning talks this month, one about Spinach, a BDD framework in the spirit of Cucumber, by Matt House, and a talk about Goliath, an open source version of the non-blocking (asynchronous) Ruby web server framework powering PostRank (now part of Google Analytics) by Tom Clements.

Anyone is welcome to come join us, whether you are a Ruby pro, a complete noob, or, shock horror, you don’t program ruby!



This meeting is being held at MadLab (directions).

If you want more information email me@adamholt.co.uk, call Adam on 07515 561 427 or tweet @adamholt.