Thursday 17th April: Easter.js

Our April meet has a JavaScript flavour. Lightning talks from our members:

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Thursday 20th March: NWRUG Social

in lieu of a talk this month we are having a social meet at Common (Directions).

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Thursday 20th February: Lightning talks

For our February meet we shall mostly be having lightning talks from our lovely members.

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Thursday 19th December – Social meetup

This month we have a social meetup, meet in Common bar (opposite MadLab) from 7:00

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Thursday 21st November – Message queues for everyone

This month, Glen Mailer will be giving us a practical introduction to how and why you should be using a real message queue – at any scale.

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Thursday 17th October – Improve your Ruby Code with Dependency Injection

Most of us have heard the vague, hand waving spiel about why DI is important for writing flexible, reusable code. A little harder to come by are examples of how one actually goes about doing it in a (cost) effective manner.

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Thursday 19th September – A Very Fast Ruby on the JVM

An experimental new Ruby implementation that benchmarks faster than the rest.

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Thursday 18th July – TDD and ‘Self’-Shunt

Leave your mocking frameworks at home, as Gemma Cameron and Iain Mitchell take us on a journey through ‘self’-shunt testing.

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Thursday 20th June – Social meetup

It’s a social meet this month, meet from 6:00 onwards at kosmonaut for beer and much nerdy discussion.

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Thursday 16th May – Nils – what are your Options?

Tony Hoare, inventor of the null reference, calls it his “billion dollar mistake”. Although Ruby goes some way to correcting it by making nil at least be a class with some reasonably helpful stuff on it, you’ll no doubt have been hit by a NoMethodError: undefined method 'foo' just as many times as me.

At May’s NWRUG, Russell Dunphy will try to convince you of two thing:

  1. There are not one, but two types of nil
  2. They are not a necessary evil – we can do something about them.

Sponsored by On The Beach

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